Kohl's Credit Card

Kohl’s Credit Card: Rewards, Cashbacks, Fees, Pros & Cons, How to Apply

The Kohl’s Credit Card offers decent rewards and discounts for frequent Kohl’s shoppers. Cardholders earn 5% Kohl’s Cash on every purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. There are no annual fees. However, the card has a high 26.24% variable APR and charges various fees for late and returned payments. Overall, it makes sense for those who shop at Kohl’s often, but may not be suitable as an everyday spending card compared to other rewards cards with lower rates and wider acceptance.

The highlights of the Kohl’s Credit Card include:

  • Earn 5% Kohl’s Cash on every Kohl’s purchase to redeem later for discounts
  • Get new cardholder discounts and exclusive savings offers
  • No annual fee
  • Credit line increase options available for responsible use
  • High 26.24% variable APR
  • Various fees for late payments, returned payments, etc.

Rewards and Cashbacks of Kohl’s Credit Card

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The biggest perk of the Kohl’s Credit Card is earning Kohl’s Cash rewards to save on future purchases. Cardholders receive 5% Kohl’s Cash on every purchase made at Kohl’s stores and on Kohls.com. This Kohl’s Cash is issued in $5 increments on the 15th of each month and expires after 30 days if unused.

In addition to the standard earning rate, cardholders may receive bonus Kohl’s Cash offers through targeted promotions, usually around major holidays and shopping periods. These can range from 20-30% back or $10 off per $50 spent. Exclusive cardholder-only sales and early access to new arrivals may also be offered periodically.

New Kohl’s Credit Card applications are currently offered a signup bonus worth $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent in the first 30 days. This allows new cardholders an easy way to earn up to $100 in Kohl’s Cash rewards quickly for discounted future purchases.

As there are no caps on how much Kohl’s Cash can be earned, frequent Kohl’s shoppers who use their card for all purchases can accumulate hundreds of dollars each year in rewards value. However, as Kohl’s Cash can only be redeemed on Kohl’s purchases, it provides more limited value compared to general cash back or travel points offered by other rewards cards.

Understanding the Fees, Rates, and Charges

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While the Kohl’s Credit Card has no annual fee, it does charge the following for certain billing scenarios:

  • APR: 26.24% variable (Prime Rate + 23.74%)
  • Penalty APR: 29.99% variable
  • Late Fee: $38
  • Returned Payment Fee: Up to $38

These represent industry-standard costs and penalties for missing payments or carrying over a revolving balance month to month. The 26.24% variable APR is quite high compared to other retail cards and makes this a poor option for long term financing unless the low introductory offers can be utilized. Penalty rates will be assessed if a cardholder misses two consecutive minimum payments.

New Kohl’s card applicants will receive a standard variable APR but may be offered promotional financing terms on qualifying new purchases for introductory periods. These can range from no interest if paid in full within 6-36 months.

Before applying, it helps to understand these charges and ensure you can fully pay off statement balances each month. Missed payments can quickly negate any rewards value earned through Kohl’s Cash.

How to Maximize Your Kohl’s Credit Card Benefits

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Savvy Kohl’s Credit Card users can maximize perks and get the most out of card membership through these smart tips:

  • Pay off statement balances in full and on time each month to avoid interest charges
  • Take advantage of cardholder exclusive sales and Kohl’s Cash bonus offer periods
  • Stack storewide discounts with Kohl’s Cash redemptions for maximum savings
  • Save Kohl’s Cash until large planned purchases or the holidays to get greater value
  • Link your card to Kohl’s Pay in the mobile app for easy digital payments and earnings
  • Increase credit limit when offered to keep utilization low and credit healthy
  • Activate e-statements and notifications to monitor spending and due dates closely

Avoiding common fees is key to maximize the card’s rewards potential. The easiest way is paying off balances promptly each month before accrued interest cuts into savings. Saving Kohl’s Cash earned until making a big purchase rather than small redemptions also allows cardholders to stretch their rewards value further.

Pros and Cons of the Kohl’s Credit Card

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Here are some prominent advantages and disadvantages associated with the Kohl’s Credit Card:


  • Earns 5% Kohl’s Cash back on all Kohl’s purchases with no limit on earnings
  • Introductory financing offers and discounts for new cardholders
  • No annual fee
  • Simple rewards structure with Kohl’s Cash issued monthly
  • Can access exclusive cardholder sales and early shopping events


  • Kohl’s Cash can only be redeemed at Kohl’s, not converted to cash or general rewards
  • High 26.24% variable interest rate on carried balances
  • Must redeem Kohl’s Cash within 30 days of issuance
  • Subject to late payment fees, returned payment fees, and penalty APR
  • High credit limit increase requests can trigger hard credit inquiries

The Kohl’s card makes sense for dedicated Kohl’s shoppers who can avoid paying interest charges and maximize storewide discounts. Occasional Kohl’s visitors may find better everyday rewards potential through a general cash back or travel rewards card instead.

How to Apply for the Kohl’s Credit Card

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Applying for instant approval on the Kohl’s Credit Card is a quick and simple process. There are a few application options:

  • Pre-qualification form online without impacting credit scores
  • Instant online application through Kohls.com
  • In-store credit applications at checkout or at Customer Service
  • Mail-in paper application

To qualify for the Kohl’s Credit Card, applicants typically need:

  • Good to excellent credit (680 FICO score or higher)
  • Debt-to-income ratio below 30%
  • No recent bankruptcies or adverse financial events
  • Social Security number and government-issued photo ID for verification

If approved, new accounts generally receive a starting credit line between $300 to $1,500. This can be increased over time with responsible account management under periodic credit line review.

Immediate access to exclusive new cardholder discounts and Kohl’s Cash signup bonuses make it worthwhile to apply directly on Kohls.com or in-store during your next shopping trip.

Managing Your Kohl’s Credit Card

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Kohl’s offers cardholders simple ways to manage their account online or via phone. Manage payment options, keep tabs on available Kohl’s Cash, or get support through:

Kohls.com Account Management:

Cardholders can log into Kohls.com or access via the Kohl’s mobile app to manage payment information, view monthly statements, make one-time payments, and more. Upgrade to e-statements or enroll in autopay for convenience.

Kohl’s Credit Services:

Cardholders can call 1-800-528-5733 for account support 7 days a week from 7 AM to 10 PM CST. Get Kohl’s Credit Card balance information, payment due dates, and help with statements or transaction history details from customer service associates.

Support Topics:

Reach out for assistance regarding payment options, credit line increase requests, applying Kohl’s Cash earned toward purchases, billing disputes or clarification, lost card replacement, account maintenance changes due to relocation, name/address updates, and other common card-related needs.

Alternatives to Kohl’s Credit Card

Citi® Double Cash Card
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While the Kohl’s Card is certainly useful for loyal shoppers thanks to its 5% back in Kohl’s Cash rewards, consumers looking for more flexible rewards may want to consider:

  • General cash back cards like the Citi® Double Cash Card or Chase Freedom Unlimited® – Earn unlimited 2% or 1.5% back on everyday purchases that can be redeemed as cash
  • Travel rewards cards like the Capital One Venture Rewards or Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card – Earn transferable airline and hotel point and miles on spending
  • Retail cards like the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa or Target RedCardTM – Get 5% back in rewards at other popular shopping destinations in more flexible forms like statement credits or gift cards
  • Introductory 0% APR cards like the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card – Delay interest for 12-21 months, ideal to finance large purchases over time

Comparing sign-up bonuses, ongoing rewards rates, redemption options, and financing terms across some of these alternative credit cards may uncover better fits depending on your spending habits and needs.


The Kohl’s Credit Card offers a simple way for frequent Kohl’s shoppers to save on every purchase. While the rewards value is limited to redemptions at Kohl’s, the 5% back in Kohl’s Cash on each transaction can lead to major savings over time, especially if you stack storewide coupons and sales.

However, the high interest rate also means that cardholders need to practice sound financial habits like paying statement balances off in full each month and avoiding overspending. Using the card lightly just for the rewards can yield great discounted shopping trips for clothes, home goods, kitchenware, furniture and more at Kohl’s. Yet consumers with more diverse spending may benefit more from a lower-APR card with cash back or travel rewards from issuers like Citi, Capital One, Chase, and other major banks.

Frequently Asked Questions

To pay your Kohl’s Credit Card, you can pay online through your account, use the Kohl’s app, call to pay by phone, send payment by mail, or pay your bill in-store.

To cancel your Kohl’s Credit Card, call customer service at (855) 564-5748  and request to close your account or log in online to submit a closure request then cut and return your physical card.

To apply for a Kohl’s Credit Card, you can instantly apply at Kohls.com and get an immediate decision, apply in-store at checkout or the customer service desk, or complete and mail a paper application.

To qualify for a Kohl’s Credit Card, you typically need a credit score of 680 or higher on your FICO report with reasonable debt levels and good payment history.

To check your Kohl’s Credit Card balance, you can view your balance and available credit by logging into your account online or via the Kohl’s mobile app, calling credit services, or checking your monthly statement.