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Big Lots Credit Card: Rewards, Fees, Pros and Cons, How to Apply

This is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the Big Lots Credit Card.

The best part?

I’ll teach you insider tips to maximize rewards and discounts so you can save big on future Big Lots purchases.

Scoring credit card rewards and 0% financing offers when you have less-than-perfect credit can feel impossible. But the Big Lots Card makes it easy to start earning perks and discounts on every Big Lots shopping trip.

If you want to save money on your frequent Big Lots hauls, this guide will teach you how to apply for the card and use it effectively from day one.

Ready to learn simple strategies to qualify for the card and maximize the rewards, discounts, and financing offers? Let’s dive in so you can start leveraging this card to save big at Big Lots.

Highlights and Features

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The Big Lots Credit Card, issued by Comenity Bank, is the store credit card for Big Lots that provides cardholders special financing offers, rewards, and discounts on purchases at Big Lots. With over 1,400 stores across the United States, Big Lots is a popular discount retailer that sells everything from furniture and seasonal products to toys and electronics.

The Big Lots Credit Card offers the following features and benefits:

  • Earn $5 in rewards for every $100 spent at Big Lots
  • 6 months special financing on purchases of $250+
  • 12 months special financing on purchases of $750+
  • New cardholder 15% off discount
  • Exclusive cardholder offers and savings
  • Option to look up and pay bill in-store

The card is issued by Comenity Bank and can only be used at Big Lots stores and on There is no annual fee.

How the Big Lots Credit Card Works

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The Big Lots Credit Card is a private label credit card, meaning it can only be used at Big Lots stores and on It cannot be used anywhere else.

When you make a purchase with the Big Lots Credit Card, you have the option to pay it off in full right away or take advantage of the special financing offers. These include:

  • 6 months no interest on purchases $250+
  • 12 months no interest on purchases $750+

As long as you pay the full promotional balance before the end of the promotional period, you won’t owe any interest. This allows you to make larger Big Lots purchases and pay them off over time interest-free.

The Big Lots Credit Card is issued by Comenity Bank and can be managed online, in-store, or via mobile app. Your statement will show your balance, minimum payment, payment due date, and more.

Rewards, Cashbacks, and Sign-Up Bonus

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The Big Lots Credit Cards offers the following rewards program:

  • Earn $5 in rewards for every $100 spent: This works out to an effective 5% return on spending at Big Lots. Rewards apply to all qualifying purchases including furniture, patio sets, mattresses and more
  • New cardholder 15% off discount: When you are approved for the credit card, you will receive a one-time 15% off discount coupon to use on your purchases. This is an easy way to save on your first transaction.
  • Exclusive offers: Cardholders get access to special financing offers, discounts, and other cardholder-only deals throughout the year.

There is no formal sign-up bonus, but the 15% discount acts as an immediate perk when approved.

Interest Rates & Fees of Big Lots Credit Card

The Big Lots Credit Card has the following interest rates and fees:

  • Purchase APR: 32.24% variable
  • Balance Transfer APR: 32.24% variable
  • Interest Due: Minimum $3
  • Late Payment Fee: Up to $41

There is no annual fee or foreign transaction fee on the card. The 32.24% APR is quite high compared to other credit cards. However, the card’s most attractive feature is the special financing offers of 6 months or 12 months deferred interest on bigger purchases of $250+ and $750+ respectively. As long as you pay the full promotional balance before the financing term ends, you avoid interest charges.

How to Apply for a Big Lots Credit Card

Applying for Big Lots Credit Card
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You can apply for the Big Lots Credit Card either online, in-store, or by phone. Here are the steps:

  • Apply online: Visit the website and click on “Big Rewards+” then “Get Credit Card” to begin application.
  • Apply in store: Ask any Big Lots cashier or sales associate for a credit card application. Fill out the form and return it.
  • Apply by phone: Call 888-566-4353 (TDD/TTY: 888-819-1918) to speak with a representative who can take your application over the phone.

The Website will ask for basic personal and financial information such as:

  • Name, address, date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Estimated annual income
  • Housing payment details

The credit decision is immediate. If approved, you can start using your new card right away in-store or online to get the 15% off new cardholder discount. Use the card number displayed in your approval email if applying online.

Managing Your Big Lots Credit Card

Big lots Credit Card
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If approved for the credit card, you will need to activate and manage the account. Here are some tips:

  • Activate your card by calling 888-566-4353 (TDD/TTY: 888-819-1918). This step verifies your identity.
  • Register your account at to manage your card online, make payments, check statements, set up autopay, and more.
  • Download the Comenity mobile app to access your account on the go and receive notifications.
  • Pay at least the minimum due on all statements by the due date to avoid late fees. Set up autopay if desired.
  • Watch for special financing offers on large purchases and take advantage of them to save on interest.
  • Redeem rewards regularly to get the full value. Rewards don’t expire if account is in good standing.

Where Big Lots Credit Card Can be Used?

Big lots store
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The Big Lots Credit Card is a single-store credit card that can only be used at Big Lots retail locations nationwide and on It cannot be used at any other retailers, for cash advances, or anywhere besides Big Lots.

Some examples of where you can use the card include:

  • At Big Lots registers to make purchases in-store
  • On for online orders
  • At Big Lots to access your special financing offers
  • At Big Lots to pay your credit card bill in person

You’ll need to use a different credit card if you want to shop anywhere besides Big Lots. The card number cannot be entered elsewhere.

Pros and Cons of Big Lots Credit Card

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Here are some key pros and cons to weigh if you are considering the Big Lots Credit Card:


  • Special financing offers (no interest for 6-12 months)
  • New cardholder 15% discount
  • $5 rewards per $100 spent
  • Exclusive cardholder discounts and offers
  • Manageable credit limit in $500 – $1000 range


  • High APR of 32.24% variable
  • Must pay off full promo balance to avoid deferred interest
  • Late fees and penalty APR
  • Can only be used at Big Lots (not widely accepted)

Overall, the Big Lots Credit Card is best for dedicated Big Lots shoppers who can benefit from the discounts and financing options. Use it selectively for larger purchases and avoid carrying balances to limit interest charges.

Big Lots Credit Card vs Other Credit Cards

Shopping online
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How does the Big Lots Credit Card compare to more widely accepted credit cards from major issuers? Here are a few key distinctions:

  • Big Lots Card can only be used at Big Lots, while general purpose cards like Visa and Mastercard can be used anywhere.
  • Department store cards like Macy’s and Target offer benefits at those stores only, while Big Lots Card benefits apply at Big Lots.
  • The Big Lots Card APRs are much higher (25-30% variable) than the average 14-16% for general purpose credit cards.
  • Rewards rate is lower – $5 per $100 spent at Big Lots only versus 1-2% cash back or points everywhere on general cards.
  • No sign-up bonus for the Big Lots Card versus $100-200+ bonuses for many general cards.

The Big Lots Credit Card is best suited as a supplemental card for its financing offers and discounts at Big Lots specifically. For everyday spending and wider acceptance, a Visa or Mastercard is recommended.


The Big Lots Credit Card can provide generous rewards and useful special financing offers for dedicated shoppers at Big Lots. The 5% back in rewards on all purchases is certainly lucrative if you frequently buy from Big Lots. Just be sure to pay off any deferred interest balances in full before the promotion period ends.

Overall, the value you get from this store-branded card depends on your individual spending habits and how often you shop at Big Lots. But used wisely, the perks like rewards points and deferred interest financing can certainly add up over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay your Big Lots credit card bill by mail, online, by phone, or in person at a Big Lots store. Online payments can be made through your Comenity account at or via the Comenity mobile app.

You can apply for a Big Lots credit card online at, over the phone by calling 888-566-4353 (TDD/TTY: 888-819-1918), or in person at any Big Lots store location by asking for an application.

Big Lots does not disclose the minimum credit score needed for approval on their credit card. However, most store cards require a fair or average credit score for approval. Generally a score above 620 or 640 has the best approval odds.

After approval, call 888-566-4353 (TDD/TTY: 888-819-1918) to activate your new Big Lots credit card and complete the identity verification process. This step is required before you can begin using the card.

You can check your Big Lots credit card balance online by logging into your account at or using the Comenity mobile app. You can also call 1-888-566-4353 and speak to a customer service representative for account balance information.