Cheap Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

Best Cheap Car Insurance in PA (Pennsylvania) in 2024

Pennsylvania requires all drivers to carry a minimum level of car insurance coverage. Finding affordable coverage that meets state requirements can save you money while still protecting you on the road. When shopping for cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania, comparing rates from multiple insurers is key to getting the best deal.

Pennsylvania is an at-fault insurance state, meaning the driver responsible for an accident has to pay for any resulting expenses, either out-of-pocket or using their liability coverage. Having the state minimum 15/30/5 liability coverage can help protect your finances if you cause an accident. Going beyond minimum requirements with higher liability limits or adding comprehensive and collision coverage will raise your premium but also give you more protection.

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

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The minimum liability coverage you must carry in Pennsylvania is:

  • $15,000 bodily injury per person
  • $30,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $5,000 property damage

This ensures you can cover medical bills for others if you cause an accident, as well as repair costs to other vehicles or property. Going with the minimum requirements will get you cheap car insurance quotes, but leaving you vulnerable to high out-of-pocket costs if you cause extensive damage.

Average Car Insurance Cost in Pennsylvania

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The average annual cost for car insurance in Pennsylvania is $1,397 per year, which is on the higher side of national averages. Rates can vary widely depending on your location in the state, driving record, age, gender, and other risk factors. On average Pennsylvania drivers pay:

  • $780 per year for minimum coverage
  • $1,397 per year for full coverage

Getting quotes from multiple top cheap car insurance companies in Pennsylvania can help you find the best rate. Be sure to reassess your options every few years or if you move or have a major life change like adding a teenager to your policy.

Best Cheap Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

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The cheapest car insurance companies in Pennsylvania include:

  • Erie
  • State Farm
  • Geico
  • Progressive
  • Nationwide
  • Travelers
  • Plymouth Rock

Comparing quotes from these and other top providers in Pennsylvania can help you find the most affordable rate for your situation. Be sure to get personalized quotes that account for all your risk factors.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

If you want more protection beyond basic liability, getting full coverage car insurance in Pennsylvania with collision and comprehensive comes at a higher but still affordable premium with the right provider. Erie and Geico routinely offer some of the lowest rates for full coverage in the state.

Cheapest Liability Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

The absolute cheapest option for minimum liability coverage in Pennsylvania is to compare rates from insurers like Geico, Erie, and State Farm. Plymouth Rock also specializes in minimum liability policies with low rates. Drivers looking for the cheapest car insurance with no down payment in PA can often pay for their policy month-to-month.

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Cheapest Pennsylvania Car Insurance By Age

Your age is a major factor impacting car insurance premiums in Pennsylvania. Teen drivers face astronomical rates from traditional insurers. Erie and Progressive offer the most affordable coverage for drivers under 25 in Pennsylvania. Over 25, Geico and State Farm offer very cheap car insurance quotes in Pennsylvania based on age.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania for High-risk Drivers

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Pennsylvania drivers considered high-risk due to accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, poor credit, lapsed insurance, or other violations can compare quotes from specialty insurers like Plymouth Rock and GEICO to find cheaper high-risk coverage. Erie also keeps rates relatively affordable for assigned risk drivers in Pennsylvania. Limiting your mileage and taking defensive driving courses can help improve risk status over time.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania for Drivers With a Speeding Ticket

Most insurers raise rates significantly for speeding tickets in Pennsylvania. Erie, Geico, and Progressive offer the most affordable car insurance for drivers with speeding tickets. Taking defensive driving courses, limiting annual mileage, keeping a clean driving record for 3-5 years, and comparing rates regularly help minimize premium bumps after a speeding violation.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania for Drivers With a Recent Accident

Being in an at-fault accident will shoot up your car insurance costs when policies renew in Pennsylvania. Erie Insurance offers accident forgiveness to avoid hiking premiums after your first at-fault crash. They also provide affordable rates to offset increases from other insurers. Taking defensive driving courses and keeping a clean record over time can also help stabilize rates after an accident.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania for Drivers With Poor Credit

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Most insurers increase premiums significantly for drivers with poor credit in Pennsylvania. Erie, Geico, State Farm, and Travelers still offer relatively cheap car insurance quotes for poor credit drivers compared to other companies. Improving your credit score over time, limiting annual mileage, taking defensive driving courses and maintaining good insurance habits can help offset poor credit impacts.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania for Drivers With a DUI

The average car insurance increase after a DUI is a whopping 73% in Pennsylvania. Erie and Progressive offer the most affordable coverage for Pennsylvania drivers with a DUI based on minimum state requirements. An interlock ignition device, good insurance habits, and improving your record over time help stabilize rates. But shopping around for quotes every 6 months is key to offsetting premium hikes in Pennsylvania after impaired driving violations.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania for Military Drivers

Current and former military members along with their families receive discounts on car insurance in Pennsylvania from almost every major insurer like Geico, USAA, and State Farm. These add up to significant savings for cheap car insurance quotes in PA. Comparing rates from providers offering military discounts nets maximum savings for service members.

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Factors That Affect Car Insurance Premiums in Pennsylvania

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Major factors that determine car insurance premium costs in Pennsylvania include:

  • Driving record – tickets, accidents, DUIs
  • Age and gender
  • Location/ZIP code
  • Make, model, age of car
  • Mileage
  • Percentage use between work and personal
  • Credit score
  • Years continuously insured
  • Marital status
  • Percentage use between work and personal
  • Prior lapse in coverage
  • Coverage limits and deductibles

Carefully weighing these factors from insurer to insurer when comparing free quotes in Pennsylvania nets you the most savings possible. Re-assessing on every policy renewal catches any major shifts in competitive pricing.

Consequences of Driving in Pennsylvania Without Car Insurance

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It is illegal to drive uninsured in Pennsylvania. The penalties if caught driving without active car insurance include:

  • 3 month driver’s license suspension
  • $500 fine
  • Required to file SR-22 for 3 years adding an average of $381 per year to premiums
  • Pay non-compliance fees – $88 for first offense, $176 for second

You also remain personally liable for all costs related to any accident you cause while uninsured. Having to pay medical bills, repair bills, lost income, and other expenses out-of-pocket can lead to massive debt without insurance.

How To Get Cheap Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

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Major tips to get the cheapest car insurance in PA include:

  • Compare quotes from at least 5-6 top insurers
  • Ask about all available discounts
  • Consider bundling home and auto insurance
  • Raise deductibles to lower rates
  • Limit annual mileage to 5,000-7,500 miles per year
  • Take defensive driving courses
  • Maintain good credit history
  • Insure all vehicles on same policy
  • Avoid policy lapses or gaps in coverage
  • Look for insurers that offer accident forgiveness

Getting the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania takes some effort, but saves you hundreds per year and provides necessary protection on the road.


Finding the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania while still getting necessary coverage requires some research effort. Comparing free quotes tailored to your specific risk profile and driving habits is vital for both affordability and protection. Evaluate all available ways to offset rate increases and maximize discounts to get the best cheap car insurance in PA for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average annual cost for car insurance in PA is $1,397 per year. Minimum liability coverage averages around $780 per year and full coverage averages $1,397 per year.

PA requires drivers to get insurance coverage on a vehicle within 30 days of purchase or registration, whichever is earliest.

Pennsylvania requires minimum liability coverage of $15,000 bodily injury per person, $30,000 per accident, and $5,000 property damage.

It is illegal to operate a vehicle uninsured for any length of time in PA, with penalties including fines, suspension, SR-22, and fees starting from day one.