Victoria's Secret Credit Card

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card: Benefits, Cashbacks, Fees, Rates, How to Apply

The Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is a retail store card that offers Victoria’s Secret enthusiasts special financing options, bonuses, discounts, and incentives. Cardholders earn rewards points on Victoria’s Secret purchases which translate into gift cards, merchandise savings, and even free bras. For frequent Victoria’s Secret shoppers, the card provides serious perks and money-saving opportunities.

Victoria’s Secret sells lingerie, womenswear, beauty products, accessories, and fragrances through its catalogues, website, and over 1,600 retail locations globally. As one of the most prominent brands in women’s intimate apparel and beauty, Victoria’s Secret attracts over 200 million annual shoppers across channels. The Victoria’s Secret Credit Card gives fans even more ways to save while indulging in Victoria’s Secret’s signature body care items, sleepwear, yoga pants, swimsuits, and more.

Between bonus offers, exclusive Victoria’s Secret reward points, special financing promotions, and occasional percentage-based cash back rewards, the credit card amplifies savings for loyal customers. For big spenders at Victoria’s Secret specifically, the card can greatly reduce overall shopping costs over time. As a store-branded card, it also offers some unique advantages at Victoria’s Secret beyond general rewards credit cards. In this blog, we are going to read some interesting things about Victoria’s Secret Credit Cards. The article will throw light on Rewards, Cashback, interest rates, charges, benefits, and application process as well. 

Rewards and Cashbacks of a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Victoria's Secret Credit Card
Credits: Victorias Secret

The primary appeal of the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is undoubtedly the rewards program tailored specifically to Victoria’s Secret enthusiasts. Cardholders earn:

● 5 reward points per $1 spent at Victoria’s Secret retail locations and online

● 1 reward point per $1 spent everywhere else

That means huge Victoria’s Secret fans can rack up points quickly through their normal shopping habits across channels. Reward certificates start at just 150 points. For context, that’s only $30 spent at Victoria’s Secret. Certificates can then be redeemed for Victoria’s Secret goods like beauty products, sleepwear, swimsuits and even select bras. Higher tiers offer even juicier rewards like $20 gift cards for just 500 points.

On top of the standard point multipliers, limited-time promotions offer accelerated earn rates and bonuses. Common promotions include:

● 10x-20x points days

● Spend $X get X bonus points offers

● Tiered bonuses every X points

By timing larger purchases around promotional events, cardholders can strategically amplify point earnings. The more someone shops at Victoria’s Secret, the faster precious points pile up.

Occasional cash back rewards also provide instant savings against purchases. For example, seasonal offers may include 10-15% cash back during semi-annual sales or holiday sales events. When layered on top of discount prices, the instant cash back significantly increases savings potential.

Between point multipliers, limited-time bonus spurts, and cash back offers, faithful Victoria’s Secret fans can accumulate considerable lifelong value from the credit card.

Understanding Fees, Charges, and Interest Rates

Interest Rate
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Fortunately, the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card passes on the penalty for no annual fee. This is excellent compared to most other retail cards, especially for a popular brand with such generous reward point structures. It means cardholders can retain access to superb financing terms, rewards programs, and discount opportunities for free indefinitely. There’s no need to re-evaluate whether benefits outweigh annual fees with each renewal.

On the other hand, interest rates are quite steep. Purchase and cash advance APR currently sits at 29.99% variable. That rate premium well exceeds average charges for general consumer credit cards, both prime and subprime. It applies immediately to carried balances after the end of typically long, 20-25 day grace periods.

To avoid painful interest charges, Victoria’s Secret cardholders must unconditionally pay all statement balances off in full and on time monthly. For convenience, cardholders can enroll in autopay programs through their online account portal. Delinquent payments risk not just interest fees but additional late payment penalty fees too.

Speaking of penalties, cardholders should be familiar with these other common fees:

  • Late Payment Fee – Up to $39
  • Returned Payment Fee – Up to $39
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – 3%

While the first two relate directly to payment account management issues, the foreign transaction fee is virtually unavoidable for international travel purchases. With cash advance fees also the same punishing 29.99% variable APR though, it’s smart to consider alternative payment methods abroad when possible.

Overall, the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card avoids tricky annual fees but introduces high penalty risks for mishaps or indulgences elsewhere. Being extremely diligent about full balance payments and avoiding foreign transactions are two keys to prevent expensive fees. The rewards are there for loyal customers, but slipping up leads to fast and furious charges.

How to Maximize Your Card Benefits

Reward Points
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With reward points earning potentials soaring so high compared to normal credit cards, maximizing category spending is priority one. Cardholders should funnel virtually all Victoria’s Secret purchases possible through their account. The 5x multiplier stacks up radically faster than typical 1% cash back programs elsewhere. Big one-time purchases like restocking an entire lingerie drawer or beauty collection can accumulate serious point hauls alone.

It’s also smart to schedule very large impulse buys like that around special limited-time promotions. Even brief 10x or 20x multipliers with a major single transaction reap gigantic rewards payoffs. On top of special point boost days, short-term sales or seasonal offers with extra percentage-based cash back provide another prime opportunity for spike expenditures.

Outside of orchestrating strategic purchase timing, cardholders can maximize long-run benefits by

  • Setting automatic payments to avoid late fees
  • Paying statement balances in full every billing cycle
  • Notifying Victoria’s Secret customer service of upcoming high-spend periods (international travel or big events) to prevent erroneous fraud flags
  • Following Victoria’s Secret rewards program on social media for promotions alerts
  • Stacking promotional discounts with reward points to compound savings

A bit of planning goes a long way towards efficiently harvesting points while still meeting payment obligations consistently.

Pros and Cons of the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Victoria's Secret Credit Cards
Credits: Victorias Secret

For insight into whether the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card coincides with shopping habits and credit needs, weigh some notable pros and cons.


  • No annual fee indefinitely
  • Flexible rewards program without expiration while card remains active
  • Generous 5x rewards multiplier for all Victoria’s Secret spend
  • Tiered bonuses every X points
  • Special financing promotional offers
  • Occasional limited-time cash back rewards


  • Very high ongoing purchase and cash advance APR
  • All rewards must be redeemed at Victoria’s Secret
  • Rewards program less convenient than simple cash back
  • Cannot be combined with other Victoria’s Secret coupons
  • Foreign transaction fees

The bottom line is the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card only makes financial sense for loyal Victoria’s Secret shoppers. Big spenders stand to accumulate heaps of points for huge lifetime savings on lingerie, sleepwear, beauty supplies and more. More casual shoppers may find interest rates too risky or prefer cash flexibility.

For frequent Victoria’s Secret patrons though, the card can fast become a reliable go-to payment tool for enjoying responsible financing terms, discounts, and rewards magic all year long.

How to Apply for a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

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To qualify for the proprietary Victoria’s Secret Credit Card, applicants should meet basic criteria:

  • Good to excellent credit history (FICO scores above 670 ideal)
  • Debt-to-income ratio not exceeding 35%
  • No delinquencies, collections, bankruptcies or tax liens

Applicants authorize Comenity Bank to run hard or soft credit checks examining financial histories and credit reports. If satisfactory, customers can gain approval in seconds based on information provided.

Eligible shoppers can submit applications through several convenient channels:

Required application details include:

  • Full legal name
  • Residential address
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of Social Security Number
  • Annual household income
  • Housing payment amounts
  • Employer name
  • Contact information
  • Identification verification

Upon approval, initial credit limits often range around $500 – $2,000 for new recipients based on financial qualifications. Cardholders gain instant digital and mailed access to start earning rewards discount points immediately at stores worldwide or with account numbers.

Managing Your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Victoria's Secret Credit Cards black and Pink
Credits: Victorias Secret

The Victoria’s Secret Credit Card offers robust online account management through their Visa card portal. Self-service features include:

  • Paying bills
  • Updating payment methods
  • Setting up autopay options
  • Redeeming rewards points
  • Tracking recent purchases and payments
  • Controlling contact/communication preferences

Cardholders can closely monitor every account detail directly through desktop or mobile access. Secure encryption protects sensitive financial information visible only to registered users through private login.

Quick hyperlinks menu on the statements page connects to the most common tasks without hassle. Instructions walk through more complex procedures like redeeming tier bonuses or registering changed addresses step-by-step. Email and SMS alerts to cardholders prompt them through key notifications for usage milestones, suspicious activity flags, approaching deadlines and more.

For the technically savvy, managing spending activity, payments, self-service changes and rewards through their online account dashboard proves simple enough. Video tutorials guide first-timers through common use cases as well.

Customer Support Options

Even Victoria’s Secret’s robust web portal may still leave some questions unresolved. Their customer support specialists fill any remaining gaps through several service channels.

Phone Support:

1-800-695-9478 (24/7)

Written Correspondence:

Victoria’s Secret North American Office

P.O. Box 16589

Columbus, Ohio 43216-6589


Knowledgeable representatives assist with:

  • Interest charges clarification
  • Disputing fraudulent activities
  • Payment posting issues
  • Penalty fee appeals
  • Account upgrades or downgrades
  • Rewards program clarification

Cardholders enjoy reliable, accurate support infrastructure to smoothly navigate any questions, concerns or errors encountered. Whether through automated tools or direct consultations, customer service aims to leave account holders fully empowered managing their accounts independently long-term.

Alternatives to the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Chase Freedom Unlimited® Card
Source: lunchboxdad

The Victoria’s Secret Credit Card certainly offers unmatched rewards potential for boutique loyalists. However, niche high rates and redemption limiting factors narrow its appeal for more diverse shoppers. Several comparable alternatives include:

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

  • 5% back on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases; 2% back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores; 1% back elsewhere
  • Same no annual fee, but lower variable APR
  • $100 Amazon gift card welcome bonus

Chase Freedom Unlimited

  • 1.5% cash back on every purchase
  • 0% introductory APR for 15 months
  • $150 signup bonus after spending $500 in first three months

Citi Double Cash Card

  • 2% flat cash back – 1% when you buy plus 1% when you pay
  • 0% intro APR for 18 months
  • No annual fee

General flat-rate cash back cards allow reward redemption flexibility lacking for the Victoria’s Secret tied options. Secured credit card options also help applicants build financial foundations to eventually qualify for premium rewards programs.

Consumers cover different spending habits, financial profiles and shopping preferences where Victoria’s Secret-devoted programs would overreach. Thankfully, the diverse credit card industry accommodates needs across the credit spectrum.


In closing, the proprietary Victoria’s Secret Credit Card delivers outsized rewards for boutique enthusiasts. Heaping 5x point bonuses outpace nearly any competitor, rapidly redeemable against Victoria’s Secret goodies. Strategic shoppers amplify long-term savings potential through bonus accelerations and compounding with rotating Victoria’s Secret promotions.

Downsides like high variable APR and foreign transaction fees do necessitate vigilant billing practices to avoid financial pitfalls however. For the target demographic though, the Victoria’s Secret Visa credit card becomes a staple payment tool for enjoying ongoing discounts, exclusive financing terms and layered rewards year-round. Compared to popular alternatives, this specialized retail card occupies a profitable niche delivering benefits other programs struggle to match. Loyal Victoria’s Secret fans find immense value from credit lines catering directly to their brand penchants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make payments by phone, online, in-store, or by mail before the monthly due date to avoid interest charges. Setup autopay as well.

Call customer service at 1-844-271-2660 and request to close the account or submit written correspondence to the address provided in your statement.

The card can be used for purchases online, over the phone, and at Victoria’s Secret or Victoria’s Secret Beauty retail locations in the U.S.

Have good credit history, meet income requirements, submit an application online/in-store providing your personal information and sign terms and conditions.