Grab These 3 Stocks at Year-Low Prices in February

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By: Aquib Nawab


Pfizer's 52-week low price is $25.76, offering forward-looking growth potential. With a healthy dividend yield of 6% and a price-to-sales ratio of 2.5 times, Pfizer stands apart. CEO Albert Bourla's proactive approach drives innovation and excellence, focusing on cancer therapies and the obesity-drug market.

1 - Pfizer (PFE)

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Pfizer's resilience in the fourth quarter defied expectations, showcasing a clear strategy for sustained growth. Despite the ebb in coronavirus medication sales, Pfizer reported surprise profit and revenues outperforming forecasts. Reaffirmed revenue outlook for 2024 and clear earnings projection underscore Pfizer's potential.

Pfizer's Q4 Performance

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Analyst Consensus on Pfizer

Analysts remain optimistic about Pfizer's future, citing its strong performance and strategic initiatives. With a 'buy' recommendation from the majority of analysts, Pfizer exhibits promising growth prospects. Investors are encouraged to consider Pfizer for its resilience, innovation, and potential for shareholder value.

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Newmont's 52-week low price is $33.59, positioning it for long-term growth amidst market volatility. As a top-tier player in the gold mining sector, Newmont boasts a robust operational backbone. The resilience of the gold market supports Newmont's potential for success.

2 - Newmont (NEM)

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Newmont's strong balance sheet provides leeway for organic growth and strategic acquisitions. The acquisition of Newcrest Mining highlights Newmont's position as a leading gold company. In the third quarter, Newmont reported $1 billion in operating cash flow, reflecting financial stability.

Newmont's Financial Strength

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Analyst Consensus on Newmont

Analysts lean toward a 'moderate buy' for NEM stock, forecasting a 40% upside potential. Newmont's market position and financial health contribute to positive analyst sentiment.

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Altria's 52-week low price is $39.06, maintaining dominance in the tobacco industry. With enduring consumer demand, Altria generates a staggering $12 billion in free cash flows. Altria's substantial dividend yield of more than 9.4% and 54 years of consistent dividend growth reflect financial prowess.

3 - Altria (MO)

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Altria's fourth-quarter earnings report met expectations, supported by a new $1 billion share buyback plan. Despite revenue challenges, Altria maintains its adjusted earnings per share, reflecting stability.

Altria's Financial Performance

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Altria's Dividend Strength

Altria's remarkable track record includes 54 years of consistent dividend growth. The company's dividend yield and proactive capital allocation strategies attract investors seeking stable returns.

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