Better Choices than Tesla: 2 Millionaire-Maker Stocks

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By: Aquib Nawab


Over the last ten years, Tesla's stock did really well, but in 2021, its stock price went down. Tesla's earnings report in Q4 showed that their revenue growth slowed down and they made less profit, which made their stock price drop.

Tesla's Recent Performance

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In Q4, Tesla's automotive revenue increased by just 1% year over year to $21.6 billion, while overall revenue saw a modest 3% rise to $25.2 billion. Lower prices and a focus on market share impacted the company's operating income, which fell by 47%, and adjusted earnings per share dropped by 40%.

Tesla's Q4 Performance

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The Changing Landscape

Tesla might not be as good at making millionaires as it used to be, so we need to look at other options for people who want to invest and grow their money.

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Nvidia helps make technology for things like artificial intelligence (AI). They make special computer parts that lots of companies want, like OpenAI, Oracle and Meta Platforms. Nvidia's computer parts are super important for AI systems and self-driving cars, like the ones Tesla is working on.

Nvidia - A Leader in AI

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In the past year, Nvidia's stock did really well. They made three times more money in one quarter, and their profit went up twelve times! People think Nvidia is going to do even better in 2024 because more companies need the stuff they make for computers.

Nvidia's Impressive Performance

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What about Money and Opportunity?

The price of Nvidia's stock and how much money they make are important things to look at. People believe that as more companies need their computer parts, Nvidia's stock can keep going up.

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If you don't want to invest in Tesla, General Motors (GM) is another option. They are also working on electric cars and self-driving cars. Even though GM isn't growing as fast as Tesla, their stock price is lower, which means there's still a chance to make money.

General Motors - A Viable Alternative

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GM is making a good amount of money and is more profitable than Tesla in some ways. They sold 14% more cars in a year, which is pretty good for a big car company.

General Motors' Profitability

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GM's Growth Prospects

GM is trying to make more electric and self-driving cars, and that could make them grow even more. So, don't ignore them.

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You have options other than Tesla. Nvidia and General Motors are two good choices if you want to invest in stocks that could make you a lot of money.

In Short

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