Nearly $6 Billion Student Debt has been Forgiven by USA Government

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By: Aquib Nawab


In response to past administrative failures, the Biden administration is committed to delivering relief to public service workers. This move will alleviate the financial burden on nearly 78,000 individuals, including teachers, nurses, and firefighters.

The Biden Administration's Statement

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Nearly 78,000 public service workers are eligible for loan forgiveness, totaling about $6 billion. These individuals have dedicated their careers to serving their communities but have faced challenges accessing relief under the law.

Eligible Borrowers and Amount Forgiveness

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History of Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Established in 2007, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program aimed to incentivize public service work. However, rigid rules and missteps by loan servicers hindered many borrowers from accessing the forgiveness they were entitled to.

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To rectify these issues, the Biden administration has loosened some rules and provided retroactive credit for past payments. This ensures that more borrowers can benefit from the PSLF program and receive the relief they deserve.

Biden Administration's Efforts

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Eligible borrowers will receive personalized emails from President Biden next week, congratulating them on their relief. Additionally, 380,000 borrowers within two years of forgiveness will receive messages encouraging them to continue their public service work.

Notification Process

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Impact on Borrowers

The forgiveness of student debt will significantly improve the financial situations of borrowers. It will alleviate the burden of monthly payments and provide opportunities for individuals to pursue their goals without the constraint of overwhelming debt.

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Through its actions, the Biden administration has significantly expanded eligibility for the PSLF program. This has led to the cancellation of loans for more than 871,000 public service workers, compared to only about 7,000 borrowers prior to the administration.

Expansion of Eligibility

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The Biden administration has canceled nearly $144 billion in federal student loans through various programs, including the PSLF program. This reflects the administration's commitment to addressing student debt and providing relief to borrowers.

Total Student Debt Cancellation

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