Credit Card Security Tips

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1. Consider a Contactless Card

Consider using contactless cards, which work like EMV chip cards but allow you to tap instead of inserting the chip for payments. Look for the card with the four curved lines on it.

Credits: Canva 

Credits: Canva 

2. Zero-Liability Fraud Protection

Credit card issuers offer zero-liability fraud protection. This means you won't be responsible for fraudulent transactions on your account. Regularly check your statements for unrecognized charges.

3. Set Up Fraud Alerts

Take advantage of fraud alerts provided by card issuers. Sign up for automated alerts of suspicious activity on your account. Be cautious with SMS alerts, as hackers can intercept them.

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Credits: Canva 

4. Customized Alerts

Card issuers offer various alert options. You can receive alerts for purchases, balance thresholds, and more. Customize your alerts to suit your preferences and needs.

5. Freeze Your Account

Some cards allow you to freeze and unfreeze your account for added security. This can be done online or through the issuer's app, providing peace of mind in case of loss or theft.

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Credits: Canva 

6. Digital Wallets

Most smartphones have digital wallets for secure payments. Your card information is encrypted and can be accessed via password, fingerprint, or facial recognition. You can also lock your wallet remotely if your phone is lost.

7. Safe Online Shopping

Ensure safe online shopping by checking for secure websites (https), using strong passwords, and keeping your devices updated. Avoid public Wi-Fi for sensitive transactions.

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Credits: Canva 

8. Stay Safe While Traveling

Notify your card issuer before travel. Prevent declined transactions by alerting them to your plans. Copy your wallet's cards for emergency contact numbers and card lists while traveling.

9. General Internet Safety

Protect your sensitive info from hackers and scams. Beware of unrealistic offers, foreign contacts, and IRS impersonators. Never share personal details or click unexpected email links. Stay cautious with unsolicited callers.

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Credits: Canva 

10. Utilize Security Features

Firms like Fidelity prioritize customer data security. They offer 2-factor authentication and suggest steps for added protection: Enroll in 2FA, update contact details, and monitor your credit report.

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