Best Stocks Under $2 with High Growth Potential

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By: Aquib Nawab


ElectraMeccanica, a Canadian EV maker known for the SOLO, operates in electric and custom vehicles. Stock fluctuated between $0.57-$2.44, expected to hit $4.28. Estimated 49.2% below fair value, with revenue projected to grow 85% annually.

1 - ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp

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Globalstar, a US mobile satellite firm, provides services to various industries, including transportation, energy, commercial maritime, and more. Partners with Apple for iPhone 14 SOS services. With a stock range of $0.91-$2.98, it's expected to hit $3.57 next year, marking a potential 169% gain.

2 - Globalstar

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3 - Globus Maritime Limited

Globus Maritime, a global dry bulk shipping firm, boasts a low P/E of 0.6, significantly below the US market average of 14.9. With a fleet for iron ore, coal, grain, etc., its stock ranged $1.03-$2.66, set to hit $3.57 in 12 months, potential increase of 210.44% from its current value.

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Xeris Biopharma, specializing in endocrinology, neurology, and gastroenterology treatments, saw a 31% revenue jump to $29.6M in Q3 '22. Its key product, Gvoke, treats severe hypoglycemia. Stock ranged $0.97-$2.95, with a forecast to hit $5.36 in a year.

4 - Xeris Biopharma Holdings

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Vasaca manages 350,000+ properties in over 400 destinations across North America and beyond, with revenue up 44% last year. Despite a volatile stock range of $1.08-$9.38, it's expected to hit $4.11 in 12 months, a potential 143.92% increase.

5 - Vasaca

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6 - Cidara Therapeutics

Cidara Therapeutics, a biotech firm in San Diego, develops therapies for fungal and viral infections. With a focus on invasive Candida infections, its stock, rated "buy" by analysts, ranged from $0.4-$1.6, with a forecasted rise to $6.46 in a year.

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22nd Century Group, an agri-biotech firm, develops low-nicotine tobacco and unique cannabinoid profiles in hemp/cannabis plants. Stock rose from $0.82 to $2.71, forecasted to hit $4.85, up 325.44%. Earnings are expected to grow 47.78% annually.

7 - 22nd Century Group

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WM Technology, once Weedmaps, serves the North American cannabis industry with e-commerce and advertising. Despite black market challenges, it's financially solid with a forecasted 42.81% earnings growth. Stock, undervalued by 61.4%, ranges from $0.80-$8.35, expected to hit $4.07 in a year.

8 - WM Technology

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9 - Spire Global

Spire Global, a tech firm in San Francisco, leverages satellites for data on ships, aircraft, and weather, aiding industries like shipping and aviation. With over 104% revenue growth last year and its stock deemed 90% below fair value, it's a strong buy. Its stock ranged from $0.86 to $3.52, expected to reach $3.24.

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Myomo develops wearable robotics for limb function restoration in neurological conditions. Its key product, MyoPro, is a myoelectric upper limb brace. The stock, volatile between $0.36-$8.07, is predicted to soar to $8.19 in a year, a 1,583.11% increase.

10 - Myomo

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