7 Auto Insurance Blunders That Can Cost You

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By: Aquib Nawab


Shopping around for the best rates each year is crucial. Being loyal to one insurer year after year can mean you end up significantly overpaying for coverage. Auto insurance rates can vary by as much as $500 between companies, so take the time to get quotes from at least 3 insurers when your policy renews. You could save hundreds per year.

1 - Don't Get Fooled By Sticking With One Insurer

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While locking in the lowest monthly premium of $50/month is tempting, make sure the policy still provides adequate coverage limits and options. A policy that seems like a steal at $600/year can end up costing you $20,000 or more out-of-pocket for injuries or vehicle repairs. Make sure it provides sufficient protection.

2 - Beware the Lure of Ultra-Cheap Premiums

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3 - Skimping on Liability Limits is Risky Business

Carrying 100/300/100 liability limits rather than the minimum 25/50/25 can better protect your assets and future earnings. Medical bills from a serious accident often exceed $100,000. This leaves you on the hook for the difference. Paying a few hundred extra in premiums per year for higher liability limits is wise to avoid tapping savings or retirement funds if you cause a serious accident.

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While dropping collision and comprehensive coverage can save $200 or more per year on premiums, it may not be the best long-term decision for a newer Vehicle, as you still owe $15000 on, it's often worth keeping collision/comprehensive policies with $500 deductibles for as little as $150/year extra in premiums.

4 - Dropping Collision/ Comprehensive Can Backfire

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Failing to inform them can result in denied expensive claims down the road. Something as simple as moving 50 miles away or to a higher risk area can change your rates and eligibility. Adding your 16 year old son or buying a sports car and not telling your insurer could leave you with invalid coverage. These need to be promptly reported to your insurer.

5 - Failing to Update Your Insurer is Dangerous

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6 - Missing Out on Discounts Leaves Money on the Table

Ask your insurer about all possible discounts you may qualify for. Typical savings include 20-30% off for safe driving history, 5-15% for defensive driving courses, 10% for multi-policy bundling, 5% for paying your 6-month premium in full, and more. Just taking a short approved defensive driving course online can save hundreds per year. Don't leave these discounts unclaimed.

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On renewal each year, take time to review your declaration page and ensure your liability limits, deductibles, and included coverages still meet your household's needs. As your income, assets, and family situation changes, your policy should adapt too. Higher limits or extras like rental car reimbursement may become more important. Doing an annual review avoids being underinsured.

7 - Reviewing Coverage Annually is Crucial

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