3 AI Stocks You’ll Regret Not Buying Soon: December Edition

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By: Aquib Nawab


Nvidia, recognized under the ticker NVDA, is anticipated to continue its reign as the most prominent AI stock in 2024. This company is renowned for producing the most advanced and powerful chips utilized in a range of AI applications.

Nvidia Overview

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Nvidia's chips are in high demand across various industries, setting the bar for excellence. Their unparalleled performance has led to a market scramble, with companies eager to procure these chips, which boast an average price of $30,000.

Nvidia's Dominance

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Nvidia's H100 Chips

The H100 chips by Nvidia have set the industry standard. They are crucial for tasks ranging from training large language models to data center applications, affirming Nvidia's unmatched position in the market.

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Nvidia's innovation continues with the release of the H200 chip, expected to revolutionize Edge computing, IoT, and other AI domains. The H200 is poised to be a game-changer, reinforcing Nvidia's market dominance.

The H200 Chip

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Investing in Nvidia in 2024 appears to be as promising as it was in 2023. With its ongoing advancements and market-leading products, Nvidia remains a top choice for investors in the AI sector.

Nvidia's Future Prospects

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AMD’s Position

AMD, listed as AMD on NASDAQ, stands as a significant competitor in the AI chip market. While it often plays second fiddle to Nvidia, AMD is making notable strides that are worth attention.

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AMD's MI300 chips have been a subject of debate among analysts. Despite some skepticism, these chips are gaining traction as viable alternatives to Nvidia's offerings, especially among major Silicon Valley firms.

AMD’s MI300 Chips

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AMD's chips, considered as strong alternatives to Nvidia, signal a growing market for their products. This trend suggests a positive outlook for AMD's stock.

AMD as a Strong Alternative

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Microsoft's AI Leap

Microsoft (MSFT) has emerged as a clear winner in the AI space, thanks to its substantial investment in OpenAI. Microsoft’s diverse application of AI in its products has been a game-changer.

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AI integration, like in Microsoft's Copilot, enhances the functionality of widely-used applications such as Excel and PowerPoint. This integration is transforming productivity in major corporations.

Microsoft's AI Integration

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The AI-driven approach is expected to double Microsoft's revenues by 2030, potentially reaching $500 billion. This forecast underlines the immense growth potential of Microsoft in the AI domain.

Microsoft's Growth Potential

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