8 Common Mistakes that can Cost you Auto Insurance Discounts

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By: Aquib Nawab


Driving a powerful car may disqualify you from a safe vehicle discount, consider trading for a safer model to reduce premiums as safety is key for insurance discounts.

1 - Drive a Powerful Car?

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High mileage can lead to missing out on low-mileage discounts, consider reducing mileage by carpooling if possible, as less mileage can mean more savings.

2 - High Mileage, Low Savings

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3 - The Safe Driver Dilemma

Speeding tickets and accidents can prevent you from qualifying for safe driver discounts, drive carefully and consider defensive driving classes for discounts, as safe driving habits pay off in insurance savings.

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Hopping from insurer to insurer can prevent loyalty and bundle discounts, stick with one insurer and bundle policies for savings, as loyalty can lead to significant discounts.

4 - Loyalty & Bundle Discounts

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Cars with few safety features may miss out on discounts, choose vehicles with advanced safety features or retrofit existing cars, as safety features lead to insurance savings.

5 - Safety Features & Savings

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6 - Embracing Paperless Correspondence

Not going paperless can lead to missed savings opportunities, opt for paperless correspondence to save on premiums, as the environmental and financial benefits of going paperless are significant.

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Manual payments may lead to late or missed payments, set up automatic payments for peace of mind and discounts, as consistent payments lead to savings.

7 - Automatic Payments & Discounts

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Unaware of potential discounts offered by insurers, ask your insurer about available discounts or check their website, as exploring all available discounts is essential for maximizing savings.

8 - Unveiling Hidden Discounts

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