5 Sizzling Blue Chip Stocks Are Likely Raising Their Dividends This Week

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By: Aquib Nawab


Total return means the money you make from a stock goes up in value and the extra money the company pays you. It's a way to make money when you invest. For example, if you buy a stock for $20, and it goes up to $22 in a year, and it pays you an extra $0.60, your total return is $2.60.

Understanding Total Return

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General Motors is a venerable automotive giant that designs, builds, and sells trucks, crossovers, cars, and automobile parts worldwide. They have popular brands like Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. Right now, they pay investors 1.02% of the stock price, and they plan to increase it to $0.12 from $0.09.

1 - General Motors

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2 - Moody's Corporation

Moody's Corporation is an integrated risk assessment firm operating in two segments, Moody’s Investors Service and Moody’s Analytics. They help people understand if it's safe to lend money to others. They give grades to companies and governments. They pay investors 0.79% now, and they might increase it to $0.85 from $0.77.

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Old Dominion Freight Line operates as a less-than-truckload (LTL) motor carrier in the United States and North America. They own many trucks and service centers. They currently pay 0.41% and may increase it to $0.50 from $0.40.

3 - Old Dominion Freight Line

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Oshkosh Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets specialty trucks and access equipment vehicles worldwide. They help with construction and defense. Right now, they pay 1.48%, and they might raise it to $0.45 from $0.41.

4 - Oshkosh Corporation

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5 - Piper Sandler Companies

Piper Sandler Companies operate as an investment bank and institutional securities firm serving various clients in the United States and internationally. They help people and companies with money and investments. They pay 1.02% now, and they might raise it to $0.12 from $0.09.

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It's important when companies decide to give more money to investors because it shows they are doing well financially. This makes more people interested in investing in that company, and the stock price often goes up. So, when a company raises its dividend, it's a sign of future success.

Why Dividend Increases Matter

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Wall Street experts have looked closely at these companies and say, "You should buy their stocks!" When experts agree and say "Buy," it means they think these companies will do well and make money. So, when you see all five companies with a "Buy" rating, it's a green light for you to consider investing in them.

Wall Street's Confidence

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